What to Eat for a Paleo Breakfast

A lot of people are having problems as to what a real paleo breakfast should be made of. Considering the fact that dairy products, sugar, cereals and grains are eliminated in the paleo diet, plus the additional restrictions in salty meats and eggs, it is indeed difficult to imagine what to eat and still feel that it’s breakfast. All it actually takes is a deeper understanding of the concept and a familiarization with the plan to know how to cope with dilemmas such as this.  Read all tips right down to the idea for paleo pizza (#4 below)!

  1. Early preparation helps. Making stuff ready ahead of time and freezing it in serving size portions can be very beneficial. For example, make sausage patties with ground turkey or beef along with condiments and spices you like, given that they are allowed in the diet, like basil, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc. You may then sauté and freeze your preparation when you’re done. You may also work with omelet, carrot, and banana muffins as well as bacon and egg rings. These can be made in large batches and frozen in individual serving sizes for an easy and a simple paleo breakfast.
  2. Take the challenge. To make your paleo breakfast extraordinary, you can try to make a soup. Chicken broth along with some leftover protein such as chicken breast or pork tenderloin, some kale, and whatever other vegetables are available, preferably carrots and squash can be perfect ingredients for your first meal of the day. Some people use coconut oil for satiety, but since it is highly restricted in paleo, you may want to think about giving diced avocado a try.
  3. Be creative. Who would have thought that a vegan gluten-free pancake is actually possible? It is traditionally composed of carbohydrates in the form of flour, which is also one of the major restrictions in paleo, but thanks to creative minds, there is one perfect alternative to one of the most loved breakfasts in the entire world. Not just pancakes. Don’t let the restrictions of the diet stop you from enjoying a hearty meal. You can always prepare amazing dishes out of the list you’ve been given.
  4. Improvise! Have you ever heard of a paleo pizza? Well, pizzas are not just good for lunch and dinner, but for breakfasts as well. Truth be told, it’s your typical all around food. Want to know how it’s done? Combine whisked eggs and seasonings, let it cook, then transfer to the oven. When you’re done, spread pizza sauce on the surface along with the rest of the toppings. Broil for another 5 minutes, then voila, your very own paleo pizza!

In paleo, you really have to be committed to be able to surpass the challenges, especially the ones related to food. Paleo is different with other diets in that it promotes diversity. Sure there are restrictions, but they are reasonable ones. The diet aims, above all, to provide you with a healthy lifestyle and diet while enjoying it at the same time. Grasp the concepts and make do with what you’re allowed to have! Follow the tips above and you will surely have a grand paleo time!

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