What is the Paleo Diet?

You are here, most likely, with the same question in mind as everyone else – “What is the Paleo diet?” To begin with, “paleo” was derived from the word Paleolithic, which associates back to your early ancestors about 2.5 million years ago. A Paleo diet, then, is a set of dietary and lifestyle recommendations patterned to what your early ancestors had.

  • It is scientific in nature, backed with concrete logic, innumerable observations, and solid proofs, so you can be sure that it is factual and accurate.
  • It is applicable in other human lifestyle aspects like sleeping mechanisms, stress management, and exercise. 

Carboydrates and the Paleo Plan

Download the full European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1997 Report here

Paleo diet reviews are full of optimism, considering that it has worked effectively for a certain number of individuals, plus it has a higher percentage of keeping clients because of its focus on food diversity within the diet restrictions.

The Paleo diet relies on the fact that animals and human beings tend to be at their best, physiology-wise, within their natural environment. So, basically your ancestors were strong, fit, healthy, and at their maximum level of functioning during those times. The genes in your body are a result of a long process of natural selection, which supports the fact that you are most likely at to eat food that your genes evolved with.

Similarly, it’s a distorted way of thinking to assume that you can be healthy with foods that were not present for most of the time in your human evolution. This type of diet believes that most of the human health irregularities today stem from the drastic changes in the types of food that you commonly eat. Examples of such irregularities are heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic syndrome to name a few. For more information on this aspect, you can check out paleo blogs online that take up these topics more comprehensively. Probably the only paleo diet criticism there is exists in the form of abstinence from starches and grains, the reason of which will be explained as you go along in the next chapters.

Basically, eating paleo aims to resort you back to your original lifestyle, to be able to experience a stronger and better self, and a healthier way of life. It’s not about being primitive in literal, but being wise and conservative with the choices you make. Considering that everything about the Paleo diet is scientific and logical, there’s nothing to lose if you believe in its advocacy. Plus, you may be amazed at how things would turn out for you, eventually.

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