Here’s How to Save Money on Groceries

One of the most satisfying benefits you can get from the paleo plan is that it teaches you how to save money on groceries. Here are a few tips on how you can do that:

  1. Eat organs like liver, heart, and kidneys. These organs are the least expensive meat source, yet the most nutritious. Take a break from the usual animal meat you consume. Go for practicality. Besides, organs are very rich in nutrients.
  2. Participate in a farm share to acquire fresh, cheap, and local source of food. Contact your local farm share program to keep you posted.
  3. Never waste anything from the meat down to the bones for making the stock. Save pan drippings for cooking other meals, and use your fresh products wisely.
  4. Eat more carbohydrates in the form of starchy vegetables such as yams, beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes. This is a very important guideline in the paleo diet meal plan, which strongly thwarts consumption of starches and grains.
  5. Visit the farmer’s market at the end of the day when farmers are trying to sell out all their produce. That’s when you will get a really good bargain because farmers usually lower the prices at this point.
  6. Don’t buy organic. Instead, spend your money on local meats and vegetables. These products are cheaper plus healthier and fresher.
  7. Create a budget to see where your money goes and to keep extra expenses to a minimum.
  8. Grow your own food during summers so that you can save on vegetable prices. Plus, you will get a good dose of vitamin D by going out in the sun daily, with precaution, of course.
  9. Prepare things like mayonnaise, dressings, etc. yourself so you will only have to buy the basic ingredients.
  10. Eat less in times of crisis. Keep in mind that food quality is better than quantity. Instead of planning for paleo snacks, focus on a more nutritious meal instead.
  11. Plan your paleo meals and expenditures ahead of time so you won’t be afraid of not being able to make ends meet.
  12. Buy in bulk when items are on sale. Just know how to preserve them. Bulk and wholesale items are usually cheaper as compared to buying them individually. Just store them properly so they don’t get spoiled.
  13. Choose simple meals, mainly of animal protein, vegetables, and good animal fat in your paleo dieting. It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality.
  14. Eat lots of eggs. It’s cheaper compared to other sources of meat, plus it’s also healthy. Contrary to popular belief that egg increases your cholesterol level, it’s actually a good thing to consume at least two eggs per day.
  15. Pick your own food, literally. When in season, visit your local orchard to load yourself with the freshest fruits available.

Remember these simple, yet highly effective rules that will help you attain good health while saving money at the same time.

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