Paleo Pizza: A Healthy Must Try Pizza

Paleo pizza is a great approach to enjoying one of the most sought after snacks popular to people of all ages without undoing all of the positive effects of loyalty to the paleo plan. As you are all well aware of, most pizzas are high in calories, fat, and salt but with this paleo-inspired one a healthy and yummy food came into being.

Most people would agree that the best snack to have when they are hanging out with friends at home while playing X-box or just simply watching movies would be pizza. Having that one great bite with the tastiest pizza in town is just a phone call away. Taking every bite is a euphoric experience. However, huge amounts of calories are piling up! There is now a new way for pizza aficionados to have that delightful experience without having to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle in the existence of the paleo pizza.

The paleo diet introduces the utilization of meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts in the preparation of one’s food. There is a wide array of choices if you want to make the pizza since the number of ingredients allowed exceed those that are restricted. The only few things that you have to eliminate in your pizza are the grain and dairy products because they are considered as a no-no in the diet. For your dough, instead of the usual all-purpose flour, eggs, and butter, you may substitute it with almond flour, cashew butter, and egg whites. There’s not too much difference in the final product as with regular pizzas since the toppings are very much the same. The choice is up to you. You can actually have an all meat pizza, a vegetarian one, or you can have both. Click here for a paleo pizza recipe.

The pizza made for paleo diet is not much different from the usual pizza you get from your favorite pizza chains, but since health is wealth, you should strive to indulge in a paleo inspired pizza instead. The taste is great, plus it brings out positive effects to its eaters. It’s not a bad idea after all because our ancient predecessors who lived on natural ingredients around them lasted for more than hundred years or so. A healthy lifestyle indeed!

When faced with difficult choices, you tend to be in a hurry to decide, but never attempt, to make a decision that could benefit you more than anything. Just like with food, you would often grab the chance of eating the tastiest and yummiest but did you stop to consider if it’s also the healthiest? Your appetite would usually run you over, but a strong conviction to a healthier lifestyle would make you win the battle on food temptations. Just like the pizza that takes pride in having a healthy collection of ingredients, there’s no dull tasting experience when you know how to be creative and experimental.

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