Paleo Food List: A Guide to Paleo

Everybody is talking about the diet that travelled a long way since the paleolithic era, the paleo diet, of which the main specifications are generally summed up in the paleo food list. There are so many diets out there that claim to be the best and the healthiest. However, paleo diet contends to earn that spot for itself. Quite a few have tried the regimen for themselves and indeed, positive feedback came pouring in saying that the diet is one of the best so far, because it is not only healthy, but it can also help you lose a significant amount of weight at a gradual and steady pace. However, since the diet only allows food items that are natural and raw as possible, there are quite a few restrictions.

Paleo dieters are allowed to eat meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, seeds. These types of food increase your body resistance to illnesses and decreases your chances of getting one. The fat percentage is lesser as compared to the time when you were still with your regular diet and your insulin sensitivity is definitely stronger. To have a better idea, here are the principles you may refer to:

  1. Eat foods that have been around since the time of cavemen and growers. You can indulge in meat, fish, leafy or root vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  2. Munch on foods that come from meat sources that were naturally fed on. Examples of which are animals which fed on grass, and plants that have not been exposed to pesticides.
  3. Fill your plate up with food that is a bag-full of nutrients. Your food should at least contain nutrients that will be beneficial in maintaining your body’s resistance. Just like eating meat that comes from a grass-fed cow. That is, without doubt, a nutrient dynamite.
  4. Carbohydrate consumption must be in accordance with your activities and on the intensity of your energy expenditure. Carbohydrates are primarily for energy consumption, so if you are to a couch potato, better cut down on that.
  5. Food preparation must be done the way our ancestors did it before.
  6. Food items prepared artificially are a certified NO.
  7. Fat intake is good, as long as it is not processed.
  8. Lacto-bacteria rich foods are good in restocking the microorganisms that were lost in the gut.
  9. Eating food that is raw is not a bad idea at all, because cooking methods may affect the nutrients it contain and alter the original food composition.
  10. Have variety with your food. There are so many foods allowed in paleo from where you can choose from.
  11. Eat everything on your plate. Never waste a piece.
  12. Enjoy every moment with your food!

These principles are just meant to guide you if you intend to get to know the paleo diet regimen better. Your food list should be patterned to this, so you will never go wrong. Try it out and see how great your lifestyle would be. A healthy life is definitely a good life. Go here for a menu guide.

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