Paleo Diet Foods

Paleo diet foods offer any individual a chance to live a life free from the obstacles that unhealthy people undergo. Obesity is one of the causes of mortality in the world today and this is apparent to the increasing number of people who are admitted into hospitals because of certain diseases that people who are overweight experience, such as diabetes and hypertension.

This plan is mainly composed of meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It is based on the food that our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. They are basically pre-agrarian foods that humans of the primitive era indulged in.

The meat would mostly come from chicken, fish, and eggs. They may also be coming from organ meats and preferred are those which come from animals that mostly feed on grasses. Wild-caught fish are also great choices.

As for the vegetables, everything is considered paleo food, but the most preferred are those that are called “root” vegetables such as carrots, turnips and parsnips. However, there are few vegetables that are restricted in the paleo plan. These are potatoes and corn. Beans or legumes are restricted. Nuts are allowed in the diet, but should only be taken in limited amounts.

There are also foods which the diet allows but have to be taken only in moderation. Such foods are:

  • Oils – must be less than 4 tablespoons or less in a day if weight loss is your goal.
  • Beverages – diet sodas because they contain artificial sweeteners.
  • Paleo sweets – these are dried fruits and nuts mixed with dried and fresh fruits. Paleo desserts and paleo cookies should only be eaten in moderation.

While there are foods that are to be eaten in moderation, there are also those that must be avoided. These are your dairy products such as butter, cheese, cream, dairy spreads, frozen yogurt, milk (even skim milk), powdered milk, and the most delicious of them all, ice cream. They are very hard to say no to, aren’t they? Further, to keep holding on to that paleo lifestyle, health buffs must eliminate cereal grains, cereal grain-like seeds, legumes, starchy vegetables, salty foods, fatty meats, soft drinks and fruit juices. For great recipes, click here.

Getting people to achieve their ideal weight takes a lot of patience and self-control. Though painful at the start, the end will surely justify the means since health and looking great is on the line. Simply take things one step at a time. Learning how to overcome the obstacles will definitely help anybody reach their goals of having a healthier, leaner lifestyle.

Regular exercise and diet are the two major ways which can help a person get to the road of becoming healthy. While regular exercise keeps those sleeping muscles working, the latter keeps the body from ingesting bad food, which could further destroy the normal body functions.

These small dietary changes really make a difference. Eating healthy will definitely keep a sound mind and fit body. All you need is the self-control over the temptations that food may offer. Keep your cool and stay focus on the achievement of your goal. Eliminate those sinful foods and very soon, you will be living a life free from those unwanted extra pounds.

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